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Coming to 07/05/2013

  • July 3, 2013 (Added)
  • 14 (Comments)
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Yes!! He's BACK! This should be a very HOT scene. Trizzy Trey looks like he can take that pipe real well. I haven't been this excited after watching a preview in months.
kris j isley
DAMN..just knew it was gonna be Shawty takin the dick from XL… this looks like advantage XL… not a good match
Here you go Mr Jay your boy XL back in action. Should be a good one lots of passion so far.
Jay sometimes XL wood looks bigger than in some of the videos. In this vid is the wood actually looks XL.. lol So you don't think that Trey is going to give XL a good work over????? you are a little bias when it comes to your
I had a feeling XL was going to be the first one to break in Trizzy Trey. What do you know, here's the preview! LOL! This is definitely going to be HOT! XL always brings it with the passion and kissing! Trey looks like he can handle all of that dick though!
Everyone else already said it but I'm excited about this one. Can't wait till Friday to give my thoughts. XL is a beast.
Michael Knight
Jay wants to give XL da booooty! lol
Cameron Glover
First off I wasn't expecting a preview this soon so thank you Taggaz for this early 4th of July gift! Second, seeing my husband XL in a clip is enough for me. LOL. It's already hot before I even see the clip lol. And it's a new dude (I think) so that's great and seeing the 2 of them together, it ...
Steve J
This preview looks sexy good. Can't wait to see the whole vid. I predict this one's hotter than the 4th of July!
Shakera D
Oh yea bout time y'all crossed over Trizzy Trey to Taggaz but I knew it would happen tho.This preview is hot & sexy baby XL is back at it being sexy & freaky as evah I love that about him.Trizzy Trey happy to see him finally on Taggaz & it's a flip-flop I love it plus in this preview he's taking XL'...
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